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On behalf of using this website, you must read these terms of use. This applies to all visitors, and helper, or any user. If these get violated, we may suspend, close, or ban the user from using this website, and WordPress will take care of the rest. Thank you.

Using our website, General Agreement, and Responsibilities:

(—) In order to use our website you cannot (i) copy our articles for your purposes (ii) must be 13+ older (iii) must not been banned from using our website. You must not use our information to post on your website, organization(s), or companies. You obey with the FBI policies, and obey with PayPal privacy policy. This website is not a “self-service” website. We do not accept any robots or “bots” to be accessing our website. If you are looking for a career, you must be: (i) must be a real human (ii) must be in your legal age in your state/province. Any comments sent to you from our website, from fellow friends are not our responsibility. We do not take action if you are under 13 trying to apply. We don’t collect information from anyone under the age of 13. If you believe that someone is using our services that is under the age of 13, please contact us here . You must agree to the FBI privacy policy, in order to be in legal age of your state/province, and to be able to work with our services. Any support, or any issues may not get solved right away. You are responsible for a PayPal account.  We may change our website format with no notice.  We may change our Terms with no notice. We have the right to edit, change, or delete any pages, posts, or any rules in our website. We also may change the theme, take down, or change layout of our website without notice. Thank you for understanding.



You must be 13+ to use our services, or apply for anything. Visit WordPress.com to learn more.

Information we collect:

(1) We will not collect any information from you for no apparent reason. For example, we will not randomly ask someone their information. Your IP address make everything available to you. We do need questions, and information from you when you work with us. This is to ensures everyone’s safety. We will never attempt to ask anyone their social security number, because we won’t need it.

Payments/Payment Methods:

(2) We can only accept payments through PayPal. PayPal.com can tell you all the payments types they receive. Visit the link below, to learn more.

PayPal Payment Methods

Any payments made within our website has a strict return, and refund policy. After one day 24 hours, any refund requests not made by that time, you will not be able to receive your refund. To donate to our website, you need to donate a minimum of $1, and we will thank you, and no refunds will apply. This is voluntary, means you don’t have to do it. PayPal secures your information, which means that we cannot read your credit/debit card information, or your name (unless you leave a note). Your donations go for our company, not for us personally.

Copyright Content:

(3) Most of the pictures you see on our website are real people, taken from us. Some other pictures may have used our partner–Bing, to use it. Our articles are always safe, and always made by us. plagiarism will not be tolerated. “©”, is used to present that we have taken control of our content.



(4) To contact us, you must use your full legal name, your email address, and check if you need support, then state your comment/question/etc.. Please don’t send your credit/debit card information through support. We will respond back shortly you send a message. You must have an active email address, in order to request support. Any job applications sent from support will not be read and will go to archive. Our Support team is pleased to help you. Any abusive language will NOT be tolerated. Any abusive language will automatically be reported.

Contact Hours:

(5) We are open 7 days a week for contacting us on social media and email. You may reach out to live chat on messenger, read section X for more information. Any abusive language will be automatically reported.


Orders, and Returns: 

(6)  Refunds may only be processed after 24 hours of payment. Any Digital products can get refunded by that time. Any actual orders can require a refund at any time if a customer doesn’t feel satisfied. Any Plans, will get a refund limit of 30 days. If not satisfied, you can always contact us.


(7) Blogging is our powerful tool, that we update daily. We do our best to make your day better. Keep in mind, if you comment, we will review it and if it agrees to the terms, we will post it on that website. Daily Quotes can sometimes be used from other authors. If you find any blogging that is inappropriate, you can go to support, or chat with us online. If you are willing to help us and blogging/writing is your fashion, you can always email us by support.

Shout outs/promotions:

(8) Shout outs aren’t available to the public. If you need us to promote you, you can ask us on Facebook or support, and we will consider the shout out.


(9) tutoring is always available 24/7 except on holidays. For the next few months, Tutoring will be available on Messenger. Some people love tutoring and we love to help you out. So, really, the process of this, is to give out answers, with asking a few questions, so that the person can better understand the homework. Tutoring can only be done online, and by chat (limited time). Plans, are subject to change, and are  subject to be much higher or lower. Refund policy is available for the first 30 days. Experts are not expected to know the answers to “AP Class Problems”. College students, are limited to the SimpleWayPoiority Plan.

Scam and Protection Regulations:

(10) Thanks for reading our Scam and protection policy. We do our best to keep all of our visitors, helpers, and owners that visit our website safe and protected.

We will never do scam. We never, ever try to promote anything on our website that isn’t true. Anything posted on our website is true and reliable. Keep note that if one of our helpers ask you for your social security, NEVER respond. This may be an act of scam. Here is what you do is a helper attempts to ask you for your SSN (Social Security Number);


• Don’t respond. Never respond and don’t say anything until you contact us.
• The other options are to go to our support page, and fill out the form, with a screenshot entitled to the information regarding Social Security Numbers.

*Our products are never fake, and we never intend to steal others money.

When you donate, the money goes to our website. This means that we cannot see your credit-debit card information. Keep this in mind. We never intend to scam, and never intend to ask others money.

Any accidents that occur while using our website is not oue responsibility. All content on this website (except for some google photos), are all copyright © protected.


(11) Advertising is not under our control. If you believe that you get offended, please contact WordAds, for better assistance. (https://www.wordads.co/).


Last Revised: November 1, 2017