Refund policy

Here is how our Returns and Refunds work:


We have a strict no refund policy. Any purchases made within our website has a strict Return and Refund policy. Any Refund requested within a day of purchase , will recieve refund. If it has been more than 24 hrs, you will no longer be able to request a refund. If you see an unauthorized charge on our website, please visit our FAQ’s.

Our refund policy is strict as well. If you have received any “edible” giveaways, you cannot ask for a return. If you have received an “electronic” product, or anything that may be fragil and breakable, always seek for help in our support center. If your product is damaged after opening a package, please contact your local carrier. If the product you received, is not the one you requested, or if you received a different package, please contact us in the support section. One person from our team will help you out.


*Any Donates made to us, cannot get refunded. “Please don’t ask”.




Working to keep our website safe, and friendly😊.


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