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Frequent Asked Questions:


1) What is the benefit of SimpleWay?

To make sure that everyone gets the help they deserve, and keeping them happy. We offer homework help, advice, How-To’s, Tips, and much more.


2) When I pay for tutoring, is it a one tome payment or a subscription?

It is a one time payment unless you repay. We want to make sure that everyone gets the help they need. So, if you pay $1.99, you will get the benefits listed until they are gone.


3) Can this company promote websites?

Yes we can, if you want us to promote your website, we can do most for only $5 (taxes may include depending from state). Popular companies such as Apple, or Samsung, we can promote those for free.


4) Will SimpleWay see my card information after I pay?

No, never! We always keep everything secure with PayPal, and any purchases made will include your name sent to us, but we never know your information (credits, debits, etc)


5) Will I be able to get a free pass?

Yes, you will need to contact us here, or you could contact us on social media (@realsimpleway), and we will gladly help you.


6) Is Shop Available?

Yes, but we may not have all the items you need, since we are still planning as a team.


7) Can we do Live Chat?

Our team is working very hard, to install Live Chat on our website, and we are Engineering. Currently, you can chat with us on Messenger, or email. When you contact us here, we can easily get a response in a few hours.




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