Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring is the best thing for people looking to succeed in life, and we are here just to do that. This article will show you how tutoring work with us.


1. The Basics

So many of us know that tutoring is here to make sure that you succeed, and get a good grade on anything—whether it is math, reading or ELA, we are here to support you. So, we want others satisfied with what we do for you.


2. How can I get Tutored?

Well, we start all pricing at $1.99 with no tax (depends on your state*) and we want people to spend less, but get more. The good thing about the first part is that there is no subscription so, if you didn’t want to continue, you don’t have to worry about any bills.


3. Steps

So, here is a quick 3 step method, after you pay your price, that fits your option:

✔️ 1. Pay your price, at your flavor.

✔️ 2. You receive an email, and we will get one as well. This only tells us your name and the amount. We never read your card information,  even the 4 digits.

✔️ 3. We will use your email, and we will go ahead and start tutoring. Depending on your plan, we start Live Chat or email right away, and they have priority support, and tutoring.


4. How does the tutoring session work?

Well, we will give you answers, and you will be able to provide us with your information (Homework) by picture. We will ask you a maximum of 3 questions so that you could also understand what you’re doing. Then, we give you your answers, and that would be the end of that 1st tutoring session.


5. Can we get a free pass?

Many people have asked this question and the answer is, yes for a limited time. You can either chat with us on Messenger (Facebook) (@realsimpleway), or you can contact us. We will gladly assist you.


So, this has been a fun article, and these are the basics of tutoring. Making you succeed is and will always be our main goal. Get started for only $1.99.