5 Ways to get some extra cash

Hello! So glad to do this post. My name is Tim, and I will be writing this post. I am so sorry, yesterday, we were reconstructing our website, so we didn’t have time to be able to post anything. So, this post will show you how to stay productive and earn some extra cash—at home, on the go, etc.


1) Find a “Remote” Job

This may be like “what the heck is that”, and probably think it means “remote control”. What it actually means, is a work from home job, or a communteless job. You can find lots of jobs at this website: (https://www.weworkremotely.com/)

That could help you find jobs remotely, as well.


2) Blog!

Blogging may sound very low, and may seem like a lot of work, bur actually, blogging is a good place to set up some ads and get paid while doing/posting whatever you want.

Also, WordPress.com, is the best place to start. Other places, like DeamHost, and GoDaddy could also help you out there. Always do what you love.


3) Start at “InboxDollars”

This is a great start for people to earn money. Now, you do have to take surveys, but those could actually help, and many people get paid everyday (we always give you true/verified websites) and that could get you some cash. Also, you get cashed out at $30, which is a good start. Here is their website: (https://www.inboxdollars.com/)


4) Find a job near you that you love and you adore

This is another good tip to success. Always find a job that you will be able to love with no stress. Always find jobs like McDonalds (best for teens), Walgreens, or Automattic! They are also hiring as well, so you could check them out:




These are some high quality jobs as well (may be not McDonalds 😐  )

5) Work with SimpleWay…Us!

You can lastly, work with us, and earn some cash. You can actually get paid as long as you blog for us and make our website better. You can contact support to start a career here. (This job is a work from home job)



Well, it has come to an end. Here are some announcements:

1) We have offers, and the prices are at their lowest. You can purchase an item to get a free discount before the 7th of November.


2) On the 15th of November, we will be posting a video on Youtube. We will tell everyone before that date.



Have a good weekend, and I hope that the Daily Quotes Help you.