6 Ways to know if you are pregnant

There are 6 ways to know if you are pregnant, but there are tons of theories that people think, but may not be true. So, there are so many ways, to know if you are pregnant.

1) Cramps

After 6 days or more, you start to feel cramps, and as this begins, these can be “menstrual” cramps.

2) Tiredness

After a day or so, if you have had sexual intercourse, you may be more tired than usual, and this could result in pregnancy. This is cause by a high hormone, in the system.

3) Missing a Period

This is very common, and many women get worried. No fear! This is totally normal if you think you are pregnant. We do our best to help you out. Keep in mind that we cannot tell you WHAT to do.

4) Frequent Urine

This is another common worry, among women. When you start to notice to pee, and go to the bathroom more, this could be a sign of pregnancy. Always remember that.

5) Vomiting

This could be referred as morning sickness. This is another common way, to know if you are a pregnant. Hormones, in the body can make you vomit easily. Always stay home if you feel like you will be vomiting a lot.

6) Take a pregnancy test.

This is the last, and simple step. Go to the pregnancy store😂, or go to Family Dollar ®, ShoreStop ®, or go to any shop with medical advice. They can provide you with one, and is really helpful.

Thanks! See you next Friday. Support, if you need help, or any questions.

—Abby Williams