Make a Marriage last longer!

Some people get married, but sooner or later, they get divorced. Well, if you want a marriage to last, and maybe last a lifetime- I am here to show you how to make it the best it can be. Here are some tips:

  • Never spend a lot on a marriage. This could potentially lead into money problems, and cause some economic problems. Do your best, to make a small marriage, that is meaningful. I am not saying don’t do it privately, but don’t include too much items, or too many conflicts. Make a simple marriage that will last.
  • Try to have your marriage on a weekday. This may be a good time, even though lots of people won’t be there- because of work, but it is another good tip to a successful marriage.
  • Never keep secrets. Always try to explain anything that happens, so that you can have a meaningful relationship, and a meaningful life, with that partner. Some people like to keep secrets, and that could lead into cheating (adultery), and drugs. This should be a #2 tip 🙂
  • Have fun! We all have work, but at least make some time in the day, to actually talk, and have some fun outdoors and “indoors 👀”. You know what I mean . Anyway, try to make the best out of a relationship!
  • Agree on plans. Always decide on a plan , in a timely manner, so that conflicts don’t start. We don’t want no bulls*** coming out of our mouths, or F*** you. Don’t let this happen to you.
  • Finally, Just enjoy the moment. Always make some time, to just talk, enjoy, have fun, and keep some important stuff for a later time.

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Have a fantastic evening 😉