Slice an Apple in to equal pieces!

Some people love to eat apple. As the old saying goes “One Apple a day, keeps the Doctors away 🙂

Well, some people may need apples, to cut into pieces, but seem like they cannot. So, here I am with some tips, to make you cut a perfect apple into perfect equal pieces 🙂

Here is some steps to help ya out!

  1. The best way, to start out is with a cutting board.
  2. Cut directly in the middle, to start out with 2 pieces, and to make it more simple 🙂
  3. You won’t need the center, unless if you are growing apples again !
  4. Place the apple on the flat side of the cutting board. Then you will be able to cut it easy and simple. Also please use a correct, and clean cutting board if you want the best results.
  5. Try to cut the apple, into thin pieces if you are baking. If you aren’t, then you cam cut it as a “fraction” or “pie” chart :))


Best, Billy J.