Tips on How-To Maintain A Good Appetite:

Hello. I know we haven’t posted anything related to health in the past week.  It is because we were updating our website, and we will changing the way people view the website.

Also, thanks to renderforest, we have a new redesigned introduction. We will post you the link by email soon, and we will post the video on our page in about 12-24 hrs.

Here is some tips on how to maintain a good appetite:

  • Always eat the same time. For example, if you ate at 12pm on a Monday, and you eat again @5pm, you would want to keep doing that consstantly, and daily so that when it reaches those times, you would be able to eat without any complications.
  • Never eat too late, as this may cause an abnormal sleeping schedule, and ruin your appetite. So, if it is after midnight, it is best not to eat anymore.
  • When you eat, eat things you like. Don’t eat things you don’t like, so that your appetite stays the same.
  • Eat food with low calories. This helps so that items that have more calories doesn’t make you too (fat).
  • Always eat breakfast 🥞. Never skip breakfast, so that your mind can stay focused. Also, this increases your appetite in the afternoon.


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading, and please comment, and share!




Joey F.