Tips on How-To get ready for school. (Grades 1-12)

Many people like school? Or no? Well either answer, we are here to show you how to get ready and how to simply for day, starting from morning. Here is how:

Here is a video (above) to get a general Idea. Anywho, here is how to get ready:

  • Set a good sleeping schedule the night before. Especially if it is your first day of school. And set a consistent schedule, to sleep at the same time every day. Also, for example, if you sleep at 8:30 🕣 pm, for 2 days, you should stay at the same rate daily so that your body can get used to when you sleep. This is called a “biological” clock.
  • When you wake up, first step is to brush your teeth. This process is easier so you don’t forget and you don’t have to worry about it later.
  • Shower. Do this next so that you can be prepared for the school day. Shower, the eat, so that when the bus or you regular transportation comes, you can just go!
  • Dress up. Get your clothes on, and get your school needs for the day.
  • Eat breakfast. Many people skip this, and it is not a good tip for you. You should always eat breakfast. If you don’t have food to eat for breakfast, or don’t like it, at least drink a glass of water, or eat a banana. Simple as that.
  • Pack your lunch bag 💼. Get everything ready for lunch. If you don’t do this, then don’t worry about it, ans skip this step.
  • Off you go. Have a good day for school! Thanks for reading!

Remember, that this is a more detailed version of the video provided.

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Have a good day.