Updates and Changes to our Website and YouTube Channel

Hello! We have made drastic changes to our website and YouTube channel. Here is what we did with YouTube:

  • New Channel Name (AreWe FitNow?)
  • New Videos of course 😂
  • New Introduction (Made by MacBook 💻 by Apple )
  • New Fresh, Videos
  • New Logo

So, that’s that, but now, lets turn it over to see what happened with our website. (This might seem like a paragraph😩)

  • New Logo
  • New Fresh Theme
  • New Colors
  • Advertisements
  • New helpers
  • New “About Us” page
  • New Copyright Stating
  • New Welcome page
  • New “Contact Us” page
  • New “Terms of use” page
  • New Background
  • New Fonts
  • Updated “Quotes”
  • Updated “Cookies Acceptance”
  • Updated videos
  • Added emojis (🤔👌❤️👌🤔👌😩👉🤔👌💻🤢)
  • Added new sayings
  • Added new Messenger Bot

Told ya it might seem like a paragraph!

Anyway, thanks for reading, have a fantastic day!

YouTube Channel!


Take care!