16th. How-To get ready for our video:

Well, well, well. We have 3 days left before the 16th The big day for us. Our longest video, our premium experts and video editors, will make this the best it could be. So , if you are wondering how to get ready to view our video, here are some tips:

  • Always, set a reminder for our event. (Set it for 11am EDT, on Saturday, since the video will  be out overnight in EDT.
  • View or Preview our video for the 16th. It really is a big day for us. We cannot wait to make it public, and we cannot wait for you to see it.
  • The videos should last 6-7 minutes with the same song repeating or adding a new song to the mix.
  • Remember, if you want to know why we make these kinds of videos, go ahead and contact us. Thank You!


Also, Please remember, do not attempt to copy, record, and/or sell our video. Thank you!

T&T ForYou!