Postings about Health Related Topics:

Hello! We will be posting lots of more information about health related posts. We should be starting by the 18th of September. Keep in mind:

  • Have to be 10+ to view the posts
  • You cannot copy our information to sell it, or put it on your own page, etc.
  • In order for you to post, you have to be a volunteer.
  • If you follow us, you will be notified unless you unsubscribe.
  • It is good, to follow us, if you would like to know more about relationships, love, body systems, How-To’s (Without Video) and more

That is all for now!

Also, if you are still willing to volunteer, you have to contact billy privately.

To reach him:

Enter 66177 in Messenger (From Facebook)

Thank you! Have a fantastic evening.

T&T ForYou!