Tips & Tricks on How To Get through a Fantastic School Year!

Most of the students on the eastern shore have school tomorrow, Some students in California had school since the 18th of August, and many students would like to know how to get through a rough school year. Well, this article will tell you all about it. So, If you are from 6-12th grades, this article is best for you. So, lets get started!

1) Always Eat A Good Breakfast! This is because It energizes your day, and gets you started for your day! If you skip breakfast, then no good news for you. As you notice, kids that say they don’t eat breakfast, usually is drowsy, and not good at all. They are weak, and not ready for the day. If you those good grades, I suggest you eat breakfast.

2) Get a good nights* sleep. Some students sleep at 2-5am during summer vocation. Well, now it is a good tip for Middle & High Schools to sleep around 10pm and wake up by 6-7am. Elementary schools, kids should sleep around 8-9pm to wake up by 7-8am. Those are suggestions.

3) Never be late to class and set a good schedule for your day. Some students tend to be “cool” in school and that word can lead students to the wrong path. It is okay to have friends and socialize, but only at the right time. You have to know when it is appropriate to stop. Try hard, never give up and just keep striving for Best Work!

4) More Tips & Tricks Coming soon! Meanwhile, Follow us to know exactly when the next post comes out!