Know the signs of Puberty (IN GIRLS)

Hello, girls. Some of you girls may have asked us, why do boys only get a post but we don’t? Well, today we will explain all about it.

Some girls usually get embarrassed at school, and that maybe because they have had their first period.

Every day, the girls’ uterus will get thicker and thicker. As it happens, more blood needs to flow. Now, if the egg in a girls’ uterus does not get fertilized, blood gets released from the uterus, out the vagina. This is completely normal, and you should not get scared. To prevent yourself from getting embarrassed, or to keep people from seeing the blood, here are some tips for you to stay innocent:

1) I recommend you buy a tampon and to apply it mostly when you’re headed outdoors. If you don’t have one, then just 2 pads. You can get some easily at the Family Dollar®.

2) Wear more thicker clothing under your pants/leggings, etc. This means that if blood were able to leak, then the blood will take some time to get through the thick underwear, in order to get through the pants or for people to see. I recommend you use step number one.

3) simply, just carry a bag of tampons in your purse where people can’t see. If you don’t want both of the steps or this one, or would like to learn more, then Contact us.

Now, we will go through the steps you’ll see why you’re going through puberty.

•Genitals Development

•Your first Period will start

•May get more aggressive

•Breast Discharge MAY occur often, but should occur at some point

•Voice gets lower, but not deep like men

•Pubic hair starts

•Intense sweating (While Exercising)

More posts like this will be coming up, stay tuned!


Tay J.


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