Know the signs of puberty(IN BOYS)

As boys get older, they have to get through a process called puberty. This cannot be avoided, and is completely normal. As boys go through this step, they will see:

  • Penis Erection
  • Scrotum gets bigger and testicles get bigger; also, they will get more darker, gradually.
  • More intense sweating, and public hair forms
  • Some boys may get more aggressive as they go through puberty
  • under armpit hair starts to grow.
  • Boys voice may start to generally, get deeper and overtime- this will result in your boy getting lots of cracks while they are talking to other people.


Boys will know the first sign that they are going through puberty when they are in the middle of a deep sleep. As a boy gets through this step, It is called a “Wet Dream”. As the boys gets up, they will possibly see that their underwear is “wet”. That is the first step that you are going through puberty, boys! The “wet” stuff is called Sperm, or semen.


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