How to sleep after having some Caffeine:

Some people nowadays like to drink coffee, soda, or anything that has caffeine content. But, we might wanna go to sleep afterwards, right? Well, this blog will tell you all about it. We also made a video for it:

Watch it!

Step 1:

–Try to “Flush” out your digestive system with plenty of water. Don’t force yourself, but drink as much as you can.

Step 2:

–Urinate. Some People may be like “What?” and “Eww”. Well, most of the time, when people drink a lot of water, they tend to urinate. This means that each time you urinate, you pull out some of that caffeine.

If you want to know who caffeine works, click the link below:

How does caffeine work? Click HERE!

Step 3:

–Eat a banana, or….a few. This will help you release calcium in your body which defeats Caffeine.

Step 4:

–Eat Healthy snacks. Always eat some peanuts, cucumbers, some pickles, or any other Healthy Fruit/Vegetable. This also provides calcium, into defeating Caffeine.

Step 5:

–Exercise. If you are old enough, go to the Gym, and do some workouts. This can get you tired, which means you will go home and go to bed immediately!

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